Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Katherine Eileen Cummings

Katherine Eileen (Cummings) McIntyre (second from right with her sisters Mary, Claire and brother, Charles) passed away Monday January 10, 2011.
She was born in 1911 and leaves behind a long legacy of adventures and accomplishments,
not the least of which are thousands of documents, newspaper articles and photographs.
The history of any society is directly tied to the history of the families that reside within it, I am forever grateful that Auntie Kay left behind a very well documented history of her life and the lives of those close to her.
I only wish she had dug the photos out of the cedar chest more often, if she had we may know who the other 2 young ladies pictured with her in this shot from her teenage years are.
Always a stylish woman she would probably not be pleased to have anyone reminded that like most of us, she was not born immpecably polished right from the start, none the less, it's the less than sophisticated saddle shoes she is wearing that make this snap shot one of my favorites...