Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let us begin...

I have paternal relatives that have done extensive geneology research and thier stories and photos got me wondering about my maternal line.
Unfortunately, my family on the Cummings/McIntyre side is very small and no immediate relatives that I know of have had any intrest in researching the family past.

It seems to me that a lot of Irish imigrant families had a habit of leaving more than thier immediate relatives in Ireland when they came to America, a lot of them seem to have left behind a lot of thier past.
Perhaps that is why many Irish families were so successful in thier immigration and prolific once they arrived, perhaps for the valuble ability to blend and assimilate, something had to be sacrificed.

Or perhaps that's just my family...
About 2 years ago I started working at the bookstore with Bill West ( http://westinnewengland.blogspot.com/ ) who has a really great geneology blog and lunch room discussions with him got me thinking,
"I'd love to just stumble across something like that for my family..."
Conversations with another friend with an intrest in geneolgy and an Ancestry.com account got me really digging and one day my friend Elizabeth emailed me and told me a McIntyre had contacted her through Ancestry.com and would I like her phone #.
Whould I?!?
I wound up speaking with a total stranger, Donna, on the phone for an hour and a half and learned more from her than I ever could have gotten from my own relatives about where we came from.
About 2 years ago we cleaned out the family house that my McIntyre great grandparents had built in Roslindale, MA about 1915. Much to my surprise, the attic, basement, cedar chests and every cabinet and closet was filled to the brim with pictures.
For a family that did not seem to care much for it's past, they sure did one heck of a job documenting thier present.

My idea for this blog is to use what I have, the pictures, to document what I can in the hopes that I can create the sort of blog that I would love to have stumbled on in my own search.
So where am I going with this?
Who knows?
Let's just wait and see what develops....

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!
: )

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  1. My Grandfather Charles McIntyre is 3rd from the left (middle row,standing). That's probably worth mentioning...