Thursday, July 22, 2010

Claire (Celia,Cecelia) Frances Cummings McIntyre

This is my Grandmother Claire Cummings McIntyre. (She was also identified as Celia and Cecelia in various documents through her life).
According to the back of the picture she is standing on Craigsville Beach (Cape Cod, MA) in July 1939.
I love the modest beach 'ensable' (including what appears to be a kerchief in her hair), her more cosmopolitan friend casually smoking in the background sporting extremely stylish shades soaking in the shade of her umbrella.
Add the vintage cars in the back ground and it's a grand day at the beach overall!

I'm on vacation this week myself and tho we are sticking closer to home, I really like that I found this one maybe 70 years to the day from when it was taken and am currently nursing my own sunburn due in part to the fair Irish skin that was passed down to me by this well covered up woman... : )

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