Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is Katherine "Kay" McIntyre and her friend Doria sometime around 1942-45.

We have tons of pictures of Kay and her friends and it's recently occured to me that although we know most of thier first names, their last names have been lost to time and the feeling that thier last names were just not important pieces of information to hold onto.
It is interesting that although there are many sites dedicated to ancestry and geneology, I can't think of any that have spaces set aside for close friends.

I come from a very small family and perhaps that is why I developed a handful of very close friends at a young age that have developed into extended "family". All of my milestones from grade school til now have been shared with the same handful of friends.
It seems to me that any historical record of my life would be lacking without thier being a part of it.
Seeing all of these pictures of Kay and the friends she kept for life, makes me think something important is missing in any family record that does not include them as well.
I've noticed that now has a photo upload function. As they grow, maybe sometime in the future they might add links for other non-familial but never the less important, relations.
It is not only blood that shapes where we come from, I think it's clear that who we are is, in the end, built by all of our important relationships.

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