Monday, May 10, 2010

Car Wash Babes

The woman in the middle might be my grandmother "Claire" (Cummings) McIntyre but it's hard to tell.
This snapshot was not in an album,
(some other old pix were in albums that look like they were made by whoever processed the roll of film and sometimes the other pix in the album hold clues but this one was adrift on it's own in a box with many others from different occasions and differnet generations)
and had no markings on the back so I don't really know who the women are or whose car they are washing.
I do know that I have an almost identical lobster pot to the ones in the picture in my kitchen right now. Not much to go on but I am hoping that by searching through more pictures I will find snapshots of these outfits in other pictures, perhaps one's with writing on the back, and be able to indentify who these women are.
In the mean time, this snapshot is going up in a place of honor on our garage wall and may even get sent to the editor of a "tasteful" Hot Rod magazine or the transportation museum if I can identify the vehicle in it.

Til then, forever in posterity these women are having
"fun, fun, fun til her daddy takes her T-bird away..."

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